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Level – ANLP Certified Foundation Diploma

Dates – 2024 in-person/online:  Jan 26th – 28th, May 3rd – 5th, Sept 13th – 15th, Nov 22nd 24th

Times – Full Days 9.00am – 5pm

Location – The Waterloo, Waterloo Road Blackpool FY4 2AF or via zoom online


Our programme is suitable for anyone in personal development or that will use NLP in healthcare, education, coaching, therapy & leadership. The transformational course takes you on a journey of self-awareness and discovery so you can understand yourself and others more deeply. You will learn how to improve your relationships and communication. Overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back and create a compelling future to achieve your goals and dreams.  As you discover more about your patterns and programmes that have shaped who you are, you will become empowered in knowing how you can change them to become more of who you want to be.

What you get at the end of the course

On completion of the course your will receive an ANLP certified NLP Diploma and will be eligible to continue your journey in becoming a certified NLP practitioner if you wish. You can join the Unlocking Possibilities free facebook community and connect with other like minded people on a journey of self discovery and awareness.

Best of all you will leave the course knowing how to transform your struggles in to breakthroughs. You will have greater self awareness and a deeper understanding of how you can become more of who you truly want to be. You will feel back in control of your life and have more confidence to make the changes that have been holding you back.


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How the day / course is structured

The course is delivered over three days.  There is no formal assessment but full attendance is required for certification.  A mindset of curiosity, a willingness to learn and have fun and be open to the possibility of change and transformation will help you to get the most out of the training. The day begins at 9am and finish at 4.30pm. If you are attending face to face then I will see you at my training venue in Blackpool. If you are online then I will send a zoom link to you.  More information is given when you have booked your place.

Diploma Content

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with yourself and others and improve your relationships.
  • Learn how to create states of being that help you to live life with more ease, joy and happiness.
  • Learn how to handle difficult situations and take back control of your thinking, feeling and behavioural responses.
  • Increase self awareness so you have more choice in how you live your life.
  • Create a mindset of curiosity about yourself and others so you can live with less judgement and frustration, and harness more happiness and forgiveness.
  • Know how to set powerful intentions to achieve your goals and follow your dreams and desires.
  • Overcome your self imposed limitations, self doubts, fears and insecurities and shine your light in all areas of your life.
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Level – Practitioner  Certification

Dates – 2024 face to face: 5 weekends over 5 months

20/21st, May 25/26th

Times – Full Day 9.00am – 5pm

Location – The Waterloo Road, Blackpool, FY4 2AF or live training on zoom



  • Connect deeper with yourself and apply the tools of NLP to your own life. Enrich it in ways you haven’t previously known how to.
  • Whether you are already a coach or wanting to become a coach, you will learn that the essential ingredient in any coaching/mentoring/leadership relationship is you. How you show up, will influence the relationship and the results for the people you are helping.
  • Learn how to connect with your intuition, and access the state for transformational change that you are pacing and leading your clients/people you help towards.
  • Learn powerful tools and techniques for change that will empower others to unlock possibilities in their life that they haven’t even considered.
  • Become a Professional, leader, mentor, educator or influencer who stands out from the crowd. There is an option to complete the two day NLP Coach certification as an add on to you Practitioner certification.  
  • Keep up to date with advances in powerful coaching modalities that create generative change so that your clients continue to evolve, grow and can self coach beyond the coaching relationship.
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How the day / course is structured

The course is delivered face to face/virtually over 10 days. There is a written component of case studies, questions and online modules and learning to complete. The course is delivered over a five month period to allow time for practice, reflections and completion of case studies and online material.

Content of Practitioner/Coach Certification

The Presuppositions of NLP, Present state desired state model and setting outcomes, Communication and Rapport, NLP strategies for change, Language models and change work, NLP frames, Influence and motivation, Parts Integration, Timelines and resourcing, Conscious and unconscious alignment , online modules to complete

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Dates – Dates To Be Confirmed

Times – Full Day 8.30am – 5pm

Location – The Waterloo, Waterloo Road Blackpool FY4 2AF or via zoom online


£47 each

These 2.5 hour online workshops are designed for coaches and leaders. Each 2.5 workshop has Association for coaching CPD points:

  • Improve communication and relationships so you can lead others more successfully
  • Coach and lead with confidence and empowering beliefs, expressing your innate gifts and shinning your brilliance
  •  Continue to grow and evolve, and develop greater self awareness
  • Lead yourself more effectively so you make a bigger difference in the lives of others.
  • Learn a practical suite of techniques and practices to support lasting change for your clients.